The Tallahassee Trust, in proud partnership

with the Gaither House would like to extend

an invitation to Surveying the

FAMU Neighborhood: Gathering at Gaithers

 on December 7th of 2017,

5:30 PM at 212 Young Street. Come and

celebrate the history of the FAMU

neighborhood while getting some more information
about the upcoming Tallahassee Trust

architectural survey of the neighborhood. 


Join Us

The Tallahassee Trust 
The Survey  


WHO ARE WE? The Tallahassee Trust for Historic Preservation is a local nonprofit dedicated to the preservation of our historic and cultural resources and to providing opportunities for the community to learn about and enjoy our local history and heritage.


WHAT ARE WE DOING? The Tallahassee Trust is conducting an architectural survey of the FAMU subdivision/addition neighborhood on the east side of campus. 


WHAT IS A SURVEY? An architectural survey provides an inventory of the built environment by documenting structures.  The survey will record construction dates, note architectural details, identify styles or types, note alterations, assess current conditions, provide brief histories and photo documentation. 


WHY THE FAMU ADDITION? The FAMU addition neighborhood has a rich history.  The neighborhood continues to experience change over time, as well as development pressure as the needs of the university continue to grow and evolve.  We believe it is important as a community to document the architecture and history of the neighborhood. 


GOALS & BENEFITS  Survey and documentation of the historic resources within the neighborhood connects us to the preservation of minority heritage, history, and culture.  Communities and neighborhoods which have the ability to document and actively manage their historic resources have a voice in their community’s future.  Further, survey and documentation provides a tool for education, it provides a documented, tangible link to the history and heritage of the neighborhood, and helps to preserve the original character of buildings and streets. 



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